Complex work means not knowing and dealing with surprises. You're not supposed to feel ready because you're never ready!

January 2023

I was featured as a guest on the Agile Within hosted by Greg Miller and Mark Metze to discuss Humble Planning. Let me know your thoughts in the…
Make Jobs-To-Be-Done Shine by Doing JTBD Interviewing

December 2022

Complex Work Requires Humble Plans
2022 was the year I started my own business as a solopreneur. 2023 is the year I will start writing more than ever (I intend to write two posts per…
I’ve read hundreds of Scrum and Agile articles this year. It’s that moment of the year to reflect and share the best articles I’ve read in 2022. I want…
Sprinting Ain't Complicated, It’s Complex
What Topics Would You Like Me to Write About in 2023?This year I’ve been a sloth in my writing due to my focus on finishing my book. Next year I will stop being a sloth and move back to publishing …
Does a Tree Falling Make a Sound When Nobody Is Around to Hear It?
Don't Make Yourself the Center of the Product Owner Universe

November 2022

I never liked reading Dutch books. Ever since reading my first English book, Martin the Warrior by Brian Jacques, I've been a voracious reader. I often…
Are Prioritization Frameworks Fool's Gold?