Thanks for sharing your experience. It was insightful. I can only second that writing has to be something you like doing and that you will get better at it by doing it consistently. I usually day I do it mostly for my own sake, as I gained so much more clarity on my thinking when started putting myself more out there...

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I like to write because I need to think something through. Writing forces me to structure my thoughts clearly. Mostly, I write about what I need to communicate anyway, so it's more or less a by-product.

Good luck, Maarten, on your future journey!

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Hey Maarten! Having followed your journey for the past 2-1.5 years, your insights have consistently sparked inspiration in me. Your analytical perspective is truly genius. This article, in particular, hit me right in the heart. It's like you've created a little book of inspiration that is down to the earth. Thank you for consistently sharing your insights, experience. You're making a real difference 🙌✨

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That Bill Waterson speech is quite something. The topic has often been on my mind lately. Appreciate the openness and the inspiration. Just the story of somebody finding that balance and doing what they love offers hope. Thanks Maarten, hope you'll continue to enjoy your journey.

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That is so well articulated. I like how your goal always acted aa your compass.

All the best 👍

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