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Maarten, I would love to know what peoples differing experiences are with respect to the right people being involved in projects at the right time. I am particularly thinking of business users, the people who understand the problems, the pains, the processes and the opportunities. What are people's experiences in eliciting and analyzing vital information so that it is possible to rapidly identify what is needed to solve the problems? I love projects with #BuyIn from key business stakeholders with passion and knowledge. How can agile transform itself to start delivering great Customer Experience

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First of thanks for all your blogs. I have learnt a lot from reading them. I would like you write about how to start a agile team from scratch and then scale it, what things needs to be considered, what metrics, how to align teams / form teams across value streams, basically implementing agile framework based on context, how to align management, how to let go of vanity metrics, more on implementation part , real life scenarios and things which we can start implementing in our day to day work and see improvements.

Scaling : <one team one product ; multiple teams one product; multiple teams multiple products; expanding upstream and downstream workflow>; forecasting.

Vision>Strategy>Goal oriented Product Roadmaps>Product Backlog>Sprint Backlog.

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From the hip:

- Measuring the value/ outcome

- Organizing around value/products

- Whole Product Focus

- What makes PO/PM the greatest job in the world

- Role Coaching: examples on effective coaching PO/PM

- What a PO does/ doesn't do to build empowered teams?

- Difference in PO role: Feature teams vs Ops teams?

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What topics what you like me to write about?

Measuring the value, including real world examples and current best practices.

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