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Uncommon sense in software development

Product Management May 23, 2022

Uncommon sense in software development:

Roadmaps are not planning all your features together with specific timelines

MVP is not a release.

Being Agile is useless without Doing Agile.

If you expect your velocity to keep on increasing then you don’t understand velocity.

Delivering working code is a slow and expensive way to reduce the chance of being wrong.

Having perfect requirements does not mean you have common understanding.

More features is not equal to delivering more value.

If removing technical debt increases the cost of making future changes, you have to wonder what the hell you’re doing.

Making Sprint changes does not mean you failed.

More refinement, longer Sprint Planning or a Definition of Ready will not prevent you from discovering new information or making mistakes that will require you to ask questions and collaborate.

When you do complex work, no matter what you do, your estimates will be wrong.

Putting too much pressure on timelines moves the delivery of value to the backseat

When Scrum is rigid, the purpose of Scrum goes over your head.