Should we chase badges?

Agile Oct 12, 2021

The Agile world is full of people chasing badges.

Photo by Sam Lion

Passing certifications feels like leveling up 💪. Like you suddenly know more and can do a better job.

Companies love it as well. You're ticking all the boxes ✅!

Being great at the theory does not mean you're great at applying the theory or enacting change.

Invest more time in leveling up your communication, influencing and situational leadership skills. Spend time to understand the business side of things, so you can frame problems in a way the C-level cares about.

What you know doesn't matter if you can't get people to listen and care.

If you want to change the way of working your knowledge stops being the problem quickly.

Usually the bottleneck is your ability to influence others, not what you know.