New Scrum Feedback Board available at!

Scrum Apr 18, 2022

There currently is no way to openly give feedback or criticism on the Scrum Guide anymore. There is only an e-mail address -

The Scrum Guide used to have an official feedback forum, where people could publicly give feedback on the Scrum Guide and there would be a debate on potential changes in the Scrum Guide. However, the plug was pulled in this forum, and since then no alternative has been created.

I asked my readers if I should make an unofficial Scrum feedback board, 83% voted with yes, so I decided to follow through. It's now available at, kindly sponsored by

What I don't like about the current e-mail approach:

  1. It's not transparent. Nobody sees these e-mails, except the sender and the recipient(s). There might be something we can learn about Scrum from the responses.
  2. It discourages open debate and criticism, which may trigger great ideas from the Scrum community on how to do things better.
  3. When the Scrum Guide changes, we have no clue what kind of evidence or feedback it is based on. A Scrum Feedback board won't solve this issue completely, but it will give you an idea about common gripes and improvement ideas that people have.

That's why you can now use the alternative (unofficial) way of giving feedback through the Scrum feedback board:

  • Everyone can submit ideas and suggestions. No account is needed.
  • Everyone can vote. No account is necessary.
  • Periodically I will send the most upvoted ideas to, and then I'll post the response back to the forum, for everyone to look up and see.

If it turns out this open approach results in too much garbage, I may decide to lock it by only allowing registered users.

For now, happy Scrumming and feel free to vote or suggest your ideas at!

Everyone is welcome, as it should be.