I see Scrum monsters everywhere!

Scrum Feb 14, 2022

I always end up fighting🤺 Scrum demons wherever I go. I never witnessed a Scrum angel 👼🏿 upon arrival.

For some reason, you often end up working with a monstrosity that the company dares to call Scrum. Something that looks like this:

This picture reminds me why I'm not a Scrum Master. I don't have the patience to turn a revolting monster into a divine angel.

Am I the only one who feels like I'm part of the Ghost Busters constantly battling Scrum monsters wherever I go?

What does it say about me?

What does it say about Scrum?

What does it say about the Scrum Guide?

What does it say about the quality of trainings and certifications?

What does it say about organisations?

What does it say about people?

Are Scrum monsters the inevitable result of fallible humans transplanting an intentionally incomplete framework onto an organization with their own warped signature scribbled on it?

What can we do to prevent Scrum monsters from happening? Or is there nothing we can do to halt these monsters from spawning like you're in a game of Dungeon Keeper? We can only deal with these creatures after they have hatched.

I don't have the answers, but I do see far too many Scrum monsters out there.