10 Agile and Scrum memes inspired by Squid Game

Scrum Oct 24, 2021

Agile transformations often feel like rolling a rock up a hill. Here are some memes to brighten up your day

Feel free to repost, up to you whether you want to credit me or not. I created all of these myself, inspired by existing Squid Game memes.

If you didn’t watch Squid Game yet, you can expect some of these to go over your head.

1. Scrum in theory vs. Scrum in practice

2. The joy of Big Room Planning

3. Agile got your back

4. Scaling frameworks: a problem or a solution to a problem?

5. Scrum Master who graduated from University of Seoul

6. Surprise, let’s go full SAFe! (Hint: you never go full SAFe)

7. Product Owner changing Sprint immediately after Sprint Planning

8. Optimism before the Sprint vs. How the Sprint goes down

9. Scrum Masters before and after starting a new job

10. The Scrum Master I wish I had vs. Our developer Scrum Master

That’s all folks! Hope it brought a smile to your face and made you reflect on some common issues faced by Scrum Masters and Agilists all over the world.